Which Martial Arts Style is Right for YOU?

Which martial art is the best? Is it Karate, Kung fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA, Krav Maga, or something else? Which one has the perfect set of moves that will allow you to deliver blows to your rival and counterattack his? Whether you’re indecisive of which martial art to start training, you already practice some discipline and are curious to find out about this controversial question – you will get the answer in the next few lines of text.

There are no perfect martial arts which will allow you to get out victorious out of every sparring or a fight. Your win depends on multiple factors which include: time spent practicing, physical condition, pain tolerance, tactics. However, some martial arts – Krav Maga for example – have proven to be more effective in real-life conditions such as the street fight.

Why is this the case? Are some martial arts flawed?

There have been examples when a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner with two years of training, continually beats a years-long black belt in karate. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is better than Karate, but the answer might be hidden in the factors mentioned earlier. Another reason can be the fact that some martial arts, mostly “traditional” ones focus on other aspects such as lifestyle, culture, art and sports while other, like the Krav Maga mentioned earlier, focus solely on self-defense and were designed for that sole purpose. Here are some of the limitations of different styles of martial arts.


This century-old martial art has enough deadly power in its arsenal to do serious damage to those who oppose it. It doesn’t involve just self-defence but also the philosophy and tradition that comes with it like Kata, a dance-like exhibition of moves.. The main limitation in Karate is that it lacks grappling moves and combat on the ground. There are little to none strategies that involve this type of fighting, which is usually present in street fights, and that is a huge disadvantage. The best strategy for karatists is to stay at a distance and deliver blows from there.


While it does have a lot of effective moves which can be used in a street fight, like getting the opponent off balance or smashing him on the concrete, judo completely lacks punches and strikes. Furthermore, self-defense syllabus is almost nonexistent if the attacker uses cold weapons. In the last years, Judo has become more a sporty type of martial art and limited to the dojo which is a serious limitation when out in the open.


One thing is certain; you wouldn’t want to get kicked by an experienced Taekwondo practitioner. An experiment conducted in a National Geographic television show proved that their kick is the strongest out of all martial arts with a total force of over a ton – more than enough to kill a man. However, what they have in legs, they lack in punching moves. This means they aren’t that effective at close range as they are at a distance. Furthermore, western clothes like jeans will limit your mobility if you find yourself in a surprised scenario on the street.


Martial Arts are a great pastime. They improve your fitness, make you healthy, and carry a positive life philosophy. Whichever martial art you practice, it will be more than enough to defend yourself from street attacks that involve attackers unsuspicious of your training skill. If you’re a cage fighter or often have physical fights – then knowing only one “traditional” martial art may not be enough and you’ll need to include some other techniques, even MMA. An example of martial arts that only emphasize self-defense are the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Krav Maga, which also contain “dirty” moves like eye gouging. Regarding of your preferences, you should practice a martial art that suits you the best.


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