Using Martial Arts for Self Defense

From blocking attacker’s weapons to completely immobilizing the opponent ,martial arts skill play an important role in neutralizing off an attacker’s attempts to harm us. Techniques such as the grappling, kicking, punching, blocking and shooting using an elbow have helped us get out of life threatening attacks from opponents.

Using your martial arts skills for self defense

Here is a look at how we can effectively apply these techniques to defend ourselves or even end a fight quickly and easily. Always remember that although fighting is illegal, self-defense is legal and therefore, even though training in martial arts does not equip us with fighting skills, the skills acquired such as speed and flexibility in moving our body allows us to fend off attackers when they come for us.

Stun and Run

This is the simplest defense mechanism. It involves protecting yourself as you escape the attacker. The strategy is simple, block the attacks and shoot with your elbow then run to safety. Blocking acts as a shield and the elbow strike helps immobilize your assailant for a while as you get away.

Though not an ego- gratifying act, it helps one escape assailants they might never have defeated.


This is a skill that is essential for survival on the streets especially in the face of mugging attempts. Kickboxing focuses on throwing kicks and punches. In addition kneeing the attacker and elbowing is common practice.

It is fast-paced skill, focused at all openings. One simply has to walk towards the foe and throw a kick, striking his chin thoroughly and fast. Such a front kick will probably shutter their teeth, make them bite off their tongue or even crush the larynx.

An additional technique involves stepping aside and ramming one’s forehead onto the attacker’s nose making it shutter in million waves of pain


Karate focuses on deflecting an attack. One is taught to always step aside thereby creating a lateral line toward the attacker which allows one to strike the attacker’s weapons with ease. This is because the attacker will always aim their punches, blows and dagger lunges straight towards you.

The Karate trick

· Step to the side and strike the opponents punch or hand knife off then quickly aim for their belly and hit them again.

· Next, advance forward and knee them in the quadriceps

· Using your left fist, block off the attacks from his right hand

· Occasionally, throw a front kick at his belly to push him back


Jiu-jitsu offers great martial arts defense techniques. It involves knowing your opponents force, taking it and using it against them. Apart from manipulating your enemies’ force, one is free to use grappling, locking, hard striking, throws and even joint locks.

The jiu-jitsu trick

· Lower your center of gravity then lunge on the attacker and throw him over or around you

· Trap the hand that has the weapon and strike his collarbone

· Push him down, lock the weapon wrist and twist it

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is the most actual defense technique. One’s reflexes are optimized to take on any opponent, regardless of their size. Kung Fu involves attacking and defending so as to vanquish the enemy faster

Kung Fu tricks

· Always lower your center of mass when striking and punching

· Use both inner blocks and outer blocks i.e. moving your extended forearm right and left respectively to push the opponent’s blows off course

· Use kicks, the front kick to shove them back, the sidekicks to sway them off and the

· Apply your knee on their side, striking them on their ribs.

The bottom-line is that, defeating the attacker involves overcoming one’s fear and skillful use of the above techniques while also keeping in mind the need to avoid any criminal prosecution. Self-defense should therefore be well executed.

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